Mr. Vijay Rana, Managing Director of North Signage, is the Director of Institute for Print Education, Research & Training. He is also an educationist. He was one of the best Digital printing masters.

About Institute for Digital Printing & MDF/ Laser Cutting Education Technology, Research and Training, A division and North Signage.

Training programmes are important tools to ensure that workers have skills that are relevant for available jobs and to facilitate job matching. Effective training programmes help reduce the skills gap for many of these displaced workers and can increase their re-employment earnings. With rapid technological changes, there is growing demand for highly skilled, adaptable workers in screen printing industry.

North Signage is proud say that by establishing a world class Training institute, we are backing our Government’s skill development mission by initiating several educational activities as a manufacturer of Digital Flex printing, LED Moving Board, Canopy, Standee, Banner, MDF sheets etc. Although in China, Europe, USA there are scores of institutes offering education and training in screen printing technology, in India we have none. Even all private and government run print technology institutes, colleges teach outdated technique of Digital printing although Digital printing process has emerged as highly technology oriented printing process requiring lot of skills.

Our Institute for Print Education, Research & Training, a Division of North Signage will not only help the companies, especially in this labour intensive Digital screen printing industry, in coping up with the problem of scarcity of skilled labour force up to some extend but also provide better employment opportunities to these labour forces by upgrading their technical skills to improve quality, productivity, efficiency level of the industry. North Signage has improved facilities and more space for practicals and display of printed samples, facility for hands on training, etc. It is an important initiative taken for the training of workforce that too by a private company in India. North Signage is the only one of its kind in India.

Best part is it is not restricted to people who have North Signage machines. It is open to all who really wants to upgrade or start his own business in Digital printing. They have been covering different subjects and by giving hands on training which allows to get kind of knowledge which is not possible to get anywhere else. North Signage is returning back to industry many folds.

North Signage activities:

Workshops for printing professionals

Short term / long term training programmes for printing technology students

Students' visits to North Signage

Corporate programmes with custom made practical training

Hands on training for customers’ operators.

Onsite Training at customers place

These training are available for any type of person – No major qualification is required. Students from various institutes also undergo special training at North Signage. All programs are offered on an on-going basis, throughout the year and fresh students are offered placements at the end of the course.